Other services of Appraisal and Valuations

We offer you a wide of Valuation and Appraisal services that Euroval provides to its clients.

Valuation of companies

Apart from other considerations, valuing companies is an exercise in looking to the future. That’s why they’ll never be very accurate. Precision will be all the more difficult the more unstable the company, the sector in which it operates or the object of valuation.

Building Consulting

Our Project Monitoring and Technical Due Diligence services provide control over the most relevant aspects of real estate assets, periodically analyzing the evolution of the project in order to provide the client with relevant information on the current situation to improve decision-making.

Energy certifications

Document that includes the qualification of the energy efficiency and the consumption of a building or part of it (Dwelling, premises, office etc.), information of the procedure, description of the energy characteristics and recommendations of viable improvements.
Property Valuation for advice

120€  with a visit from the Appraiser Technician

Rating equity

The determination of the value total of a company involves more than just reviewing assets and income figures. A valuation equitytakes into account various financial indicators; these include both tangible and intangible indicators and provide potential investors, creditors or shareholders with an accurate perspective of the true value of a company at a given time.


Expropriation is a public law institution, constitutional and administrative, which consists of the coercive transfer of private property from its owner to the State, by means of compensation: specifically, to a public administration entity with its equityown. An asset can be expropriated for exploitation by the State or a third party.

Asset Valuation

The valuation of its assets provides any company with information of inestimable value, whether it is carried out to make decisions on asset purchase, sale or rental operations, or for the preparation of financial statements.

Analysis of Cadastral Values for tax purposes

EUROVAL offers a service for reviewing the cadastral value, which is essential for ascertaining the market value of a real estateproperty for tax purposes.

Related transactions

Euroval offers you a specific service aimed at producing valuation reports to obtain the fair market value of sale and lease transactions in order real estatesto document these types of operations.

Real estates linked to economic holdintg

Knowing the value of a real estatelink to an economic exploitation is key for anyone who wants to optimize the management of their equitypresent or future.

Services for SOCIMIs

The SOCIMIs are listed real estate investment companies whose corporate purpose is to hold urban assets for lease and to hold shares or equity interests in other SOCIMIs or foreign entities engaged in similar or analogous activities (REITs).

Valuation of patents and trademark

This assessment is particularly relevant for companies and institutions with a high level of investment in research and industrial property, as well as for negotiations on licences and sales related to technologies.

Expertise/appraisal art and jewelling

Within our valuation services and we appraisal offer a personalized and highly professional service to large private and institutional collections, as well as to the individual client.

Expert Area

Our experts are highly qualified professionals, who work on the basis of identical and standardized concepts and methodology, in all parts of Spain where we perform this service.

Inventory of goods

The control and inventory of large portfolios of goods, real estatesor of any kind, is essential for the management of them, in addition to serving to respond to regulatory requirements.

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