Expert SET system for appraiser

At Euroval we have our own software for appraisers

It consists of the integration of 2 elements for appraisers who carry out the following functions in a totally automatic way by applying the corporate technical criteria

  • Analysis of the information collected by the appraiser:
    • Quantification
    • Qualification
  • Appraisal generation:
    • Selection and homogenization of controls
    • Calculation of appraisal values
    • Generation of warnings, conditions and summary

Analysis of the information collected by the appraiser



1. The appraiser performs targeted loading of descriptive data on the characteristics of the property real estateand its environment into SET. The analysis software automatically converts this qualitative information into quantitative information. 


2. SET grades and evaluates it in a set of 4 indicators called quaternary by means of automatic processes of quantification and specific qualification:


  • Classification of the environment
  • Quality of the building
  • Quality of the real estate
  • Qualification of habitability or functionality

Generation of the appraisal

Selection and homogenization of controls.



1. The quaternary, which identifies the person to real estatebe appraised, together with its location, obtained automatically by GIS systems, are selective criteria for the information contained in the witness database.  



2. The price of each witness is automatically homogenized by the quaternary differences of these with the one real estateto be appraised. 



3. The homogenized price is adjusted downwards according to the corresponding source coefficients of the token and the cycle or economic situation.

Calculation of appraisal

After analysing the core sample, the appropriate calculation method is automatically applied to the core sample:

Concentration / Regression / Zonal

It is the software itself that determines the unit price of the m² of the by real estatemeans of statistical models. SET searches for the optimal value and consistent values by analyzing validity indicators according to the applied calculation method.

SET also automatically applies all the valuation methods of the regulations in force by directing the appraiser to load the data necessary to proceed with the corresponding calculations.

Generation of warnings, conditions and summary.

SET automatically generates from the information contained in the appraisal through a complete decision tree that analyzes the content, agreement or coherence of it:

  • Warnings
  • Conditions
  • Summary and conclusions