Online Valuation of real estate

Learn about our different valuation services for Dwellings , commercial premises, garages, storage rooms or land

Real Estate Appraisal for Advice - VIA

VIA is a valuation service indicated for the knowledge of the value of any type of Dwelling The building is a small, localgarage, lumber room or land. They are produced by an independent technical team. At a significantly lower cost than Officially Approved Appraisals.




Automated Online Valuation


PREVEO is a specialized service of Dwellings online valuation in Spain, which allows immediately, to know the current market value of your Dwelling , from the data provided by the applicant.


Preveo Plus

PREVEO Plus is a high level appraisal online service, of all kindsDwellings , that allows to know in less than 24 hours, the current market value of your Dwelling , with the final review by a technical expert.


for 9€

for 27€