Human team

Euroval is composed of an excellent team that has been offering its knowledge and quality of service in the different areas of Valuation, Appraisal , Consulting, Real Estate Studies, Advice and Professional Expertise since its inception.

The fixed structure of the company is composed of eighty people, who occupy the different management, operational and organisational areas. We have an excellent multidisciplinary team, composed of more than four hundred professionals specialized in the different branches of architecture, engineering, statistics, law and economics, who collaborate assiduously in our work and regularly attend training and updating courses.

Euroval’appraisal s technical experts comply with a Internal Rules of conduct, to promote the independence of the appraisal activity and avoid possible conflicts of interest in the valuations made.


José Vázquez Seijo

José Vázquez Seijo

Executive President

Ignacio Amirola Gómez

Ignacio Amirola Gómez

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Fernando Villar Torres

Fernando Villar Torres

Managing Director

Area Directors

Alberto M. Duce

Admin. and Finance 

César Rodríguez

Technical Area

Raquel Gil


Noelia Carazo

Organization and HR 

Heads of Departments

Abelardo Íñiguez

Audit and Technical Development

María Campos


Carlos Sala

Validation Manager

Jaime González

Operation Management

José Luís Gilabert

Service Quality Manager

Andreea Monica Otel

Public Tender and Approvals

Yolanda Montes

Business Area I

Salvador Sánchez

Rustics Valuation 

Vanesa Raíces

Business Area II

Juan Toledano

Contrasts Value and Pricing

Alfonso Pastor

Building Consulting

Rosa Lorente

Secretary and Communication

Paloma Murcia

Expropriations and Urbanism