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Approved Official Appraisal

Valid in all Financial Entities and Official Bodies, rcarried out under the ECO805/2003 regulations. Calculate the price of your Appraisal now &gt ;>

Real Estate Valuation for Advice

Specialized report on the valuation of a property aimed at knowing its value. From €75

Business Services

We have a wide catalog of services specialized in valuing both the real estate assets of your business and intangible assets. See more >>


Building Consulting

Our Building Consulting services are an indispensable help in the control and supervision of your projects.
We have a wide Catalog of Services to respond to your needs

Project Monitoring and Due Diligence

Our Project Monitoring and Technical Due Diligence services provide control over the most relevant aspects of real estate assets, periodically analyzing the evolution of the project in order to provide the client with relevant information on the current situation for improvement in the decision making.

Energy Audits and Certifications

We advise you on all your needs: green mortgage, implementation of energy management systems, obtaining the Energy Efficiency Certificate – CEE or the preparation of specific energy reports.

Cadastral Audits

EUROVAL offers a Cadastral Value Analysis service essential to know the market value of a property for tax purposes.

Appraisals for Expropriations

We carry out the valuation of assets subject to expropriations to obtain the highest possible value for the expropriated asset.

Appraisal Services

Experts in providing services for the Financial,Insurance,Real Estate sectors , Business and Institutional.

Assessment reports that provideessential information for correct decision-making.

Appraisals carried out under established standards
byinternational regulations.

AVM (Automated Valuation Model) Study and valuation service for advice on your property portfolio.

Real Estate Observatory

Access and consult all the news in the sector >>

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