Methodology of the Appraisal

We carry out an individual assement for each client

The assessment carried out by Euroval is, in all cases, an individualized one, after analyzing the necessary documentation, with a visit to the client real estate and its surroundings.

During this visit, registration, identification and physical checks are made on the surface, distribution, technical characteristics, types of materials, finishes, uses, state of conservation, etc.


The urban development situation of the real estate, its alternatives in the environment where it is located and possible discrepancies with the cadastral data are analysed below.



Subsequently, one of the most important aspects of an assessment is highlighted. We refer to the market study of goods of similar typologies with the environment of the property to be valued.This study, together with the company’s own database, forms the basis of the assessment by comparison.

In these analyses we must place special emphasis on detecting the speculative elements that can influence the value for certain purposes and in each case the valuator will quantify the influence of each of them.


The last part of the valuation refers to the application of the valuation methods which will vary depending on the purpose and use of the real estateand in most cases will be determined by cost, comparison and updating method. 

All the above is summarized in a report appraisal whose content details all the aspects analyzed and the justification of the final value, leaving the information obtained to the lags of the process in a transparent way so that it is of the maximum used to all the people who read the report.