Frequently asked questions about appraisals – VIA

What is an advisory real estate valuation, VIA?

At Euroval Valuation Society we offer a specialized report of valuation of a real estate oriented to the knowledge of its value, without the burden of procedures and formalities prescribed by official valuation regulations or statistical procedures.


For what purposes has a real estate valuation advice, VIA?

Advisory real estate valuation is ideal for:

  • Sales and purchases
  • Asset valuation
  • Litigation
  • Distribution of goods
  • Compliance with CBE 3/2008 and 3/2010
  • Plots that cannot be updated by statistical procedures.


Which properties real estatesare eligible for a real estate advisory valuation, VIA?

Type of service applicable real estateto this service:

  • Dwellings
  • Premises
  • Offices
  • Ships
  • Buildings
  • Land that can be updated by statistical procedures.


Why is this type of assessment necessary?

  • So that the decision making in buying and selling will real estatesbe with real foundation.
  • In order to have a valuation of one real estateor a group of assets carried real estatesout by specialized technicians and methodologies, without having to resort to more extensive and formal official valuations, carried out on the basis of official valuation regulations.
  • For updating the securities of the EEFF mortgage portfolio required by Bank of Spain regulations real estatesin the case of real estatessingular securities that cannot be updated by statistical procedures.