Commitment to Society

Thanks to the unbeatable effort and commitment of our team, it has been possible to progress every day during the years of our professional career we have. Since its inception, Euroval has been developing to give character to an organization whose objective is and has always been to improve its internal processes in order to achieve excellence in quality with our clients and to strengthen the image of society as a solid, innovative and committed company. In short, we want to do things right and offer value-added solutions to our customers. We have remained faithful to our principles and with absolute independence, as an institution approved and supervised by the Bank of Spain since 1990. The company develops its appraisal real estate reports with transparency and traceability and is surrounded by qualified professionals in continuous training.


Our staff has signed and assumed a Ethical Code and an Internal Code of Conduct, which guarantees our independence, objectivity and professionalism. The applied methodology is in line with European and international standards and has an experience of more than 1,000,000 reports made. A company’s values are very important pillars for any organization. With them she defines herself, and they are the reflection of the people who are part of her. For Euroval, values define our identity as a company and are the driving force behind how we do our work every day. We believe that our success is a consequence of these, among which we highlight our professionalism, innovation, independence, trust, adaptability and commitment.

Every year we integrate young students in our company, through student internship programs, and we do it supported by different universities and national university foundations, in this way we try to promote the integration of young people in the working world. Every year the percentage of effective placement of these profiles increases, which motivates us to continue participating in this great experience. Our operating group is formed by Eurovaloraciones, S.A. as the main company of appraisal , and also includes the Institute of Real Estate Analysis, specialized in the research and development of mathematical-statistical models and information systems, aimed at the analysis, monitoring and projection of real estate information, which we update through our social networks and make available to all users. We want to get closer to society and keep it informed, so we are present in different social networks: Faceebok, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.