Commitment to the team

Euroval is made up of more than 400 professionals from the area of the appraisal real estates and all types of assets throughout the national territory, graduates from a wide range of university courses, mainly of a technical nature, and more than 60 people in its central services, providing support and assistance to the entire national network. That is why our daily work aims to improve the quality of work with efficient management mechanisms, to support continuous training through the Internet and adapted technical courses and to ensure security and continuity in the company by trying to attract talent and motivating performance.

Aware of the importance of promoting the reconciliation of family and work life, Euroval supports a flexible policy, with a working day adapted to personal needs, which allows the team to improve its quality of work. We believe that these actions are necessary to motivate and maintain a uniform and solid workforce.

Communication, transparency and personalised treatment are brandof distinction, due to the importance of the people who make up any business organisation. We manage good customer service not only with the external customer, but also with the internal customer, copying healthy habits into our DNA and spreading them through all our channels.